Fisheries and aquaculture have demonstrated to be an important source of food, nutrition and livelihoods of millions of people in the world. In order to boost productivity and reduce costs, it is required a well-balanced feed with a good quality and preparation. In this sector it is necessary to create sustainable practices to supply nutritional needs respecting the natural resources.

Biotech Biosecurity possesses a wide knowledge in the field to help to grow the production with a better performance through better health and nutrition. Our experience makes us capable of providing solutions adapted to the end-user for a more efficient and profitable productivity.


Our Products

Antifungal Protection 100% effective
360º Rehydration with microbiological control
An effective solution to manage and prevent mycotoxicosis
Synergetic and natural solution for immunosuppression and respiratory disorders
The antioxidant line that increases feed quality on farms
Multifunctional natural active product. Improves the comfort, welfare, health and performance of animals.
Improved digestibility with natural ingredients
Quality and biological safety of treated water
Product line of sanitising products for raw materials and animal feed
360º Biosecurity. Pathogenic multivectorial control
Encapsulated Formic Acid 50%
Encapsulated butyric acid 30%
An effective liquid solution to manage and prevent mycotoxicosis
Effective solution for the control and prevention of mycotoxicosis

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