The trend in reducing the use of antibiotic growth promoters has implied a tremendous pressure on the industry to look for other viable alternatives. The use of phytochemicals has widely demonstrated to improve animals’ health and performance. Phytochemicals are mainly plant extracts (essential oils, oleoresins and flavonoids) and their active principles. The main mode of action consists in controlling pathogen contamination and modulating the intestinal microbiota, although it has also been demonstrated to exhibit antimicrobial, antiviral, anticoccidial, fungicidal and/or antioxidant properties.

Biotech Biosecurity is highly concerned with the challenge ahead and possesses a wide knowledge in the use of phytochemicals to reduce antibiotic growth promoters. We have the know-how of this technology, and hence we have designed an array of products to support the animals’ nutritional needs and maximize the benefits in the productivity.


Our Products

Synergetic and natural solution for immunosuppression and respiratory disorders
Phytochemicals that sustain and improve animal production
The antioxidant line that increases feed quality on farms
Multifunctional natural active product. Improves the comfort, welfare, health and performance of animals.
Improved digestibility with natural ingredients
An effective liquid solution to manage and prevent mycotoxicosis

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