HYDRO-FEED® is an excellent tool for the innovative management, control and enhancement of the production process and nutritional parameters. The program has been formulated with our vast experience in the field, incorporating dimeric surfactants with added microbicidal properties. 

By introducing the product, a correct moisture during pelleting can be controlled, enabling millers to reach pellet moisture levels, yielding an energy-efficient processing and reduce costs. HYDRO-FEED® also improves granule quality (durability and biosecurity) and helps to manage “free water”, therefore controlling any mold and microbial growth. 

HYDRO-FEED® is suitable for:



HYDRO-FEED® provides an array of benefits in different fields:

  • Production process
  • Biosecurity
  • Qualitative process
  • Nutrition

Hydro-Feed® - QSS Program




For the animal feed production, it is always required the proper addition of additives. Biotech Biosecurity has not only developed HYDRO-FEED® as a tool additive, but also has applied its vast knowledge in the field of animal feed manufacturing to design Quick Spray System (QSS) program -for liquid additions onto compound feedstuff, its control and results management-. The system has been designed to optimize the additions of liquids in different points throughout the production line for reaching the optimal results.






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