The feed for animals is highly important in terms of nutritional aspects, and the feedstuff must contain all those required nutrients. For that purpose, manufacturing technology is of utmost importance to ensure the quality of the final product. 

Importantly, feed is designed depending on the animal specie and its production stage, so the proportion of each raw material must be the most profitable for the animal’s health. Also, the manufacturing process involves the addition of additives, which is minimal compared to raw materials, and Biotech Biosecurity has applied its vast knowledge in the field of animal feed manufacturers to design compact equipment for liquid additions for compound feedstuff. The equipment has been designed to optimize the additions of liquids with all the technical aspects absolutely controlled. 

Bratech Int. is the technical and commercial platform in the liquid engineering area for different countries including Brazil, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico and many other countries in America, Europe and Asia. Complete specialization in technology, machinery and facilities for the feed industry (feed factories) and human, plants for mixing fertilizers and plants for ruminants mixtures. The maintenance of leadership positions is thanks to our constant research and innovative capabilities. 

For this reason and many others, Bratech Int. is the leader and pioneer in the sector of liquid dosage and its control for feed mills.


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