The development and incorporation of new technologies to the food industries is a new trend towards a healthier life, however this tendency must include a growing awareness by consumers about food and benefits of certain ingredients. On of these technologies incorporated very recently is the microencapsulation of ingredients. Microencapsulation can be defined as a process in which tiny particles are surrounded by a coating or embedded into a homogeneous or heterogeneous matrix, which provides a physical barrier that protects the active principle. 

Microencapsulation also allows the means of converting liquids into solids as well as a controlled release of principal component by using microencapsulation techniques. These are the main applications for microencapsulation:

  • Sustained or prolonged drug release.
  • Masking taste and odor of many drugs.
  • Protection against oxygen, light, heat and moisture. 
  • Incompatibility among drugs can be prevented.
  • Decrease of volatility and hygroscopic properties for a longer storage.
  • Decrease potential danger of handling of toxic substances.
  • Preparation of enteric-coated dosage forms to be selectively absorbed in the intestine rather than stomach.


Biotech Biosecurity’s unique technology

Feeding organic acids or other supplemental ingredients to the animals without any encapsulation exhibits the clear disadvantage that rapidly losses the expected properties and effectiveness. 

Biotech Biosecurity has contributed with its superior technological capabilities to develop a solution for the customers to improve the effectiveness expected from those ingredients. Our vast knowledge has led to develop a unique process of encapsulation that allows releasing the main components at different part of the digestive tract, from the esophagus until the colon at the large intestine. This coating is made by using a high melting point fat, and with the action of the pancreatic lipase, allows a gradual release of the principal component at the desired part of the digestive system. 


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360º Biosecurity. Pathogenic multivectorial control
Encapsulated Formic Acid 50%
Encapsulated butyric acid 30%

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