AVITOX® is a successful product, which has been designed for liquid application against proliferation and development of mycotoxins in FARMS. The product has provided us to apply our vast knowledge in the field, with the combination of organic and synergic components, to make a liquid solution with active ingredients to block mycotoxin absorption in farms. AVITOX® is able to control the development of fungi and effectively binds major mycotoxins for a better animal and consumer’s health. 

AVITOX® can be used in:



AVITOX® exhibits several benefits for the animal systems, such as gastrointestinal, immune, nervous and reproductive, among others. Moreover, several benefits of AVITOX® liquid solution can be:

  • Low inclusion dose and quick effects
  • Ready to be used in farm water systems
  • Broad spectrum of activity
  • Help to maintain gut health and environment in presence of mycotoxins
  • Do not bind vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
  • Protects from liver disorders
  • Immuno-stimulator



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