AFLASTOP® and AFLASTOP® have been designed to become an effective solution against proliferation and development of mycotoxins. Our vast knowledge in the field has made us capable to formulate a solution with active ingredients that blocks mycotoxin absorption throughout the gastrointestinal tract and therefore, facilitates the repopulation of the animal’s probiotic intestinal flora. 

The solution is highly efficient on feed preservation, with anticaking and binding properties, especially on granulated feed.

AFLASTOP® is suitable for use in:



AFLASTOP® possesses several benefits for the animal systems, such as gastrointestinal, immune, nervous and reproductive, among others. Furthermore, other benefits of AFLASTOP® solution are:

  • Low inclusion dose.
  • Comprehensive control of the production process.
  • Broad spectrum of activity.
  • Activity throughout the range of pH in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Does not decrease intestinal absorption of other nutrients or other treatments.



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