PB-DRY® is a product line intended to improve comfort, welfare, health and performance in animal farming. An unstable environment will have negative consequences on productivity even in disease-free environments. For this reason, the product has been formulated with specific algaes, essential oils and phytochemicals to control and reduce moisture and noxious odors of ammonia in pens and holding areas, for improving environment of both animals and staff. PB-DRY® has also been developed as a dip to insulate the piglet, reducing body heat loss and drying umbilical cord avoiding its cauterization, among others. 

PB-DRY® has been designed for this set of animal species:



PB-DRY® exhibits several benefits for the animals during the farm stage:

  • Better colostrum intake in newborn piglets.
  • Reduced bacterial load and moisture control.
  • Better sows recovery after gestation.
  • Reduced infections of the reproductive tract.
  • Reduced stress and healthier animals with a better immune system in poultry.
  • Better animal heat loose control.
  • Better environmental conditions for calves.



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