OXISTRESS® is a synergistic line of antioxidants for various needs and applications. This product has been designed for reducing the oxidation and rancidity processes in fats and oils of raw materials and compound feed. This negative effects lead to reduce the final quality of feed. Therefore, the product is intended to provide effective protection to enhance the resistance to oxidation processes, avoiding negative consequences in the nutritional value of feed, as well as any possible harmful effects that may arise. 

OXISTRESS® is suitable for these species:



OXISTRESS® possesses several benefits for the animals, as well as in raw materials and compound feed.

  • Effective, long-lasting protection of raw materials and complete feed against oxidation processes.
  • Damage of palatability in raw materials and compound feed is avoided.
  • Avoid any nutritional loss and negative effects on production parameters.
  • Maximum dispersion/homogeneity in the material to be treated.
  • Effect on the animal: it keeps carcasses fresher for longer and increases metabolic antioxidant activity. 



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