The management of bacterial and mold contamination is important for preventing or reducing the introduction of new diseases to a farm or any other facility. In the current animal industries, various trends are present to potentially increase the spread of infectious diseases, and it is extremely important to provideprotectionagainst pathogen contamination in both raw materials and animal feed. These microorganisms not only reduce animal performance but also are present in the processing of food for human consumption.

At Biotech Biosecurity we have realized the importance of this issue, and for that reason we are providing a biosecurity program that includes a protection against bacteria and mold formation.


Our Products

Antifungal Protection 100% effective
Product line of sanitising products for raw materials and animal feed
360º Biosecurity. Pathogenic multivectorial control
Encapsulated Formic Acid 50%
Encapsulated butyric acid 30%

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