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ActiveMOS promotes gastrointestinal tract health and preserves its functions, positively influencing animal performance.



Biotaste Pet is composed of peptides, amino acids and nucleotides, enhancing the palatability of dog and cat foods.



Brewcell: Yeast containing high levels of proteins, vitamins and amino acids and presenting excellent palatability.



Hicell: Autolyzed yeast with high levels of digestible protein and preformed nucleotides that are essential for young and growing animals.



HyperGen is a new generation of prebiotics derived from yeast cell walls. It promotes animal performance by modulating the intestinal environment.



Nutricell: Yeast with high levels of proteins with high biological value and excellent digestibility – an interesting alternative to other protein sources.



Protemyc: Reduces mycotoxin absorption, enhances performance and proven in vitro and in vivo.



ProWean Rumi is a 100% natural probiotic additive designed to maximize disease resistance, health, and performance before, during and after weaning.



Selemax: Selenized yeast, organic selenium source – selenomethionine and selenocysteine. Its exclusive fermentation process favors the effective binding of Se to yeast amino acids, ensuring the stability of this bond in the gastrointestinal tract and consequent Se absorption and bioavailability for vital body functions.



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