SALMOKILL® is a feed sanitizing line developed for providing biosecurity against pathogen contamination in both raw materials and animal feed. These microorganisms not only reduce animal performance but also are present in the processing of food for human consumption. This product combines our knowledge in the field to enhance the formulation with organic acids and salts with outstanding ionization, anti-corrosion and dispersion properties. SALMOKILL® includes various liquid and powder formulas to improve animal health and productivity, as well as it is the ideal choice additive for bacterial control at initial feed and during critical periods.

SALMOKILL® can be applied in different animal species:



SALMOKILL® offers several benefits for both the final feed and during the production process. 

For the final feed, the benefits are:

  • Homogeneous and effective incorporation in raw materials and feed.
  • Eliminates re-contamination or cross-contamination risk with excellent residual effect through the animal’s intestinal tract. 
  • Highly efficient in reducing microbial load at very low doses. 

During the production process, the advantages are:

  • Biosecurity control tool in feed production factories.
  • Bacteriological control of critical points in factories with high contamination/re-contamination rates. 
  • Includes BTC component from Biotech Biosecurity: an specific tech aid to reach the best performance with extraordinary anticorrosion properties.



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