BIOACQUA® is a product with unique properties for conditioning drinking water systems, as well as provide the highest quality of water for the human and food industry. 

The product is completely innocuous throughout the food chain, non-toxic, easy handling with no gases release or allergies and cost effective due to its low concentration and long-lasting effect. 

BIOACQUA® pieces together very important factors essential for water: salubrity and safety, innovation, efficiency, security and anti-microoganisms properties. 

Family Products


Stabilized chlorine dioxide in an aqueous solution.


Stabilized organic peroxides and its derivatives with the aim to protect intestinal health from any pathogen contamination.


Alkaline detergent that offers a superior cleaning surface capability in the food industry as well as agricultural industry. 


Liquid sterilizing disinfectant with a synergistic formulation to achieve targeted results on surfaces.


Stabilized chlorine dioxide in an aqueous solution for food processing.




BIOACQUA® family products are highly effective for water and food conditioning without the need of activating the solution. It offers total security to the water treatment system and staff while handling.

Other benefits can be briefly described as: 

  • Highly effective at neutral pH.
  • No reactivity with organic material. 
  • No halogenated sub-products formation.
  • Non-oxidizing properties.
  • No color, taste or odor change in the water. 



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