MOULDBAN® has been excellently formulated for an optimal biosecurity to prevent fungal and mould colony formation in feed and starting materials during short- and long-term silo storage of grains and raw materials. 

This product’s line has evolved into one of the main lines to successfully guarantee any mould growth and mycotoxicosis in feed and therefore, not affecting animal production. 

MOULDBAN® is a mould inhibitor based on the use of organic acids with a fast and effective mode of action, greater stability and the possibility to offer the product in both liquid and solid form

MOULDBAN® can be effectively used in those species:



MOULDBAN® range of products possesses several benefits in the growth inhibition of mould:

  • Long-lasting protection for feed and starting materials.
  • Excellent biosecurity.
  • Prevents development of mycotoxicosis.
  • Shock effect and long-lasting action. 
  • Improved animal production parameters.
  • High anti-corrosive capacity.
  • Highly effective against a broad spectrum of contaminant species. 



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