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Biotech Biosecurity is essentially committed to promote the health, nutrition and the safety of your farms. In order to do so, our products can be added in feed or drinking and running water to help to protect animals from cross-contamination points, such as pathogens, moulds or toxins.

Maintenance of the highest possible animal health status is vital to the sustainability and profitability of the sector. Biosecurity standards will play an increasing role in quality assurance programs, and in retaining market access and competitiveness. Consumers today are more educated and engaged in welfare and biosecurity issues in the production of animals, demanding the highest quality.

An effective biosecurity plan can help to accomplish the following:

  • Improve or maintain animal health, welfare and productivity
  • Reduce the risk of the introduction and spread diseases
  • Minimize the potential for costs and revenue losses
  • Protect human health
  • Protect service industries (e.g. feed suppliers)
  • Protect export markets

In order to apply all the points aforementioned, Biotech Biosecurity has defined a vast array of product lines to protect animal’s health and prevent any contamination in the farm or in the feed mill.






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