MUCOFEN® is a highly effective product formulated to reinforce the immune system in a natural manner by sanitizing air and water. This product is the solution to viral diseases that can only be prevented by vaccination programs, which causes adverse reactions. MUCOFEN® addresses this problem by using a natural solution, made from essential phytochemicals that combats against respiratory stress and strengthens naturally the immune system, acting against dyspnea and hypoxia. 

MUCOFEN® is suitable for several animal species:



MUCOFEN® offers several benefits for the animals, since it can be applied directly on the animal drinking water for all the species. 

  • Proven results in respiratory disorders.
  • Effective biosecurity in water disinfection.
  • Prevention of adverse reactions caused by immunosuppression.
  • Immune stimulation.
  • Reduction of side effects caused by viral or bacteriological infections. 
  • Compatible and synergic with other treatments such as vaccination. 



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