Forbacine® product provides biosecurity in the line of antimicrobials, designed for using it in raw materials and animal feed. It is an enhanced formulation of synergic acids and salts with outstanding ionization, anti-corrosion and dispersion properties. Forbacine® shows the highest efficiencies in bactericidal properties, which make it the ideal choice additive for bacterial control at initial feed and during critical periods. 

Forbacine® can be used with:





Forbacine® offers several benefits for both the final feed and during the production process.


On one hand, for the final feed, the benefits are:

  • Reduces the risk of Enterobacteriaceae in raw materials and compound feed.
  • Eliminates risk of re-contamination or cross-contamination.
  • Long-lasting action. 

On the other hand, during the production process, the benefits can be summarized:

  • Health control tool in feed production factories.
  • Elimination of critical points in factories with high contamination/re-contamination rates. 



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