METAMITE® is a product especially brought to avoid ectoparasite proliferation in poultry production. The red mite is the major challenge worldwide affecting poultry farms, and notably reduces profitability and welfare of laying hens, therefore affecting productive life. Since the eradication takes significant time and resources, METAMITE® has been designed to interfere in the mite’s life cycle and successfully combat the negative effects, such as irritation, stress, anaemia and/or immunodepression, mortality, drop in egg production and weight loss, among others.



METAMITE® has clearly exhibited several benefits in poultry production and it can applied directly in feed, with no interference with the laying period. Therefore, these benefits are:

  • Breaks the mite’s reproductive cycle and rapid decrease of population.
  • Blood of treated poultry not appetizing as feed source.
  • Improvement of health status of poultry.
  • Improvement of egg quality.
  • Increased profitability. 



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